Łukasz Radziejewicz


I have grown up playing computer games in late 80's and 90's. 

My first computer was Atari 65xe, and I can still remember games like Zorro, River Raid, Jet, Set Willy and many more.

Next was Amiga 1200 with it's amazing graphic capabilities. That's where I have played my first rpg titles like Dungeon Master. I remember time I have spent exploring it's dungeons finding my way down to next level. Among many other fantastic titles, one of my most favorite series was Ishar.

Ishar featured opened world with beautiful foggy landscapes of fantasy land, interesting story and music I can still remember. All of it created it's amazing atmosphere.

Some time later, in 1996 on PC, I have played Stonekeep, an attempt to recreate classic dungeon crawlers. Although it didn't succeded as much as it was expected, I still think it was a great game with beautiful story behind it.

RPG games have evolved, transformed and  I have played many titles I loved, like Skyrim with it's amazing opened world where I have spent weeks on exploration, or Witcher 3 with an opened world and amazing story behind the game.

I have to mention Legend of Grimrock which was after long time an old style dungeon crawler I have loved.


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